On The Road Again – And Again, And Again (Or Why We Haven’t Been Updating This Blog as Frequently the Last Few Weeks)

Our staff has been on the road most of the last few months. This summary is just since September.

AnnMaria met with schools in Kansas City (MO), Spirit Lake (ND), Turtle Mountain (ND), San Bernardino (CA) and Baldwin Park (CA). Our game was installed in one school and one community center last month. We have 7 more schools that want the game installed in the spring semester and one more that would like the game installed this fall.

Maria was out in Minneapolis twice – once to attend the Minnesota Indigenous Language Symposium with Erich in Prior Lake and then again to attend EdCampMSP where 7 Generation Games was a sponsor. She also went up to Oakland to install our game in an after-school program there.

Erich Longie started his travels attending the Tribal Leaders Summit in Bismarck.

AnnMaria also was the keynote speaker, along with Erich, at the Tribal Disability Conference. The topic was the Promise of the Internet for People with Disabilities. Both AnnMaria and Erich discussed the use of our game AND Native American traditional values and culture to make students more successful in math.

AnnMaria was also a presenter at Oregon Day, in Salem, OR, where she gave a talk on exploratory data analysis using the data from our pilot study as an example. She also attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional conference.

AnnMaria and Erich headed to Rapid City (SD) earlier this month where 7 Generation Games had a table at the National Indian Education Association’s annual conference. The response and interest to our game there was really exciting.

Next stop, Washington, D.C., where AnnMaria, Maria and Erich all attended the USDA commercialization meetings as part of our SBIR meetings. While AnnMaria attended the second day of seminars, Maria and Erich headed off to the Library of Congress to do some additional research for future games. They got some amazing materials – so be on the lookout for a future blog on that.

Erich also spoke in Minot and has been making regular trips to Turtle Mountain to meet with Debbie and Carol.

Finally, last week, AnnMaria was in Las Vegas where she presented the results from the first round of beta testing of 7 Generation Games (Spirit Lake: The Game). And then AnnMaria and Maria met up in Monterey – which is kind of between Santa Monica and Menlo Park – this past weekend.