Pictures from Fish Lake – watching the game as it’s built

I post here often, as does Maria Burns Ortiz, our Chief Marketing Officer and our intern/ research associate, David Berning. Occasionally, we get a post from Dr. Erich Longie, our senior cultural consultant and Dennis De Mars, our senior game developer. A team we rarely have represented is our artists, they being men who believe a picture is worth a thousand words.

So … here are a couple   … outside the wigwam, near the end of the game

Wig Wam in the snow

And, earlier in the game, building the wigwam

building the wigwam
and still earlier in the game, a Red River cart

empty Red River cart

As you might guess, students progress through the levels, loading up their cart to move, eventually ended where they’ll camp for a while, build a wigwam, and are in it safe, warm and happy by the time the snow gets really deep.

You can see some examples of animation on our youtube channel – although, these are mostly our earlier versions of the movies and 3-D animation, so what you’ll actually see in the game will be more finished.