The Great Intern Debate: AnnMaria & Maria May Come to Blows

We've been SO busy that's a podcast in itself! The topic of unpaid versus paid internships caused so much debate around the office this week that we decided we just had to stop everything and record it. Maria has some VERY strong feelings on this, while AnnMaria is uncharacteristically ambivalent. More than Ordinary - even our podcast makes you smarter. Oh, by the way, if you want to know what we decided and why, post in the comments. Feel free to give us your opinions as well. We really are interested.

Maria and AnnMaria at conference

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One thought on “The Great Intern Debate: AnnMaria & Maria May Come to Blows

  • Samantha

    You literally said it yourself. They could do the same thing with a temp agency to get paid to get their foot in the door. How is it an opportunity to pitch all these big great ideas to executives when they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten the opportunity if there’s still no money to pay them even if they turn out to be the second coming of Steve Jobs?

    27:47 AnnMaria: See, what I would hope — and this is the thing that maybe throws a wrench in it, because you can’t promise them a job at the end of it — and I would not do that — But I would hope, if we had enough of these people come through, that some of them would pay off. And they would really, catch up, and you know, catch on, and they would be really good. And then we could hire them within a couple of months for a paid internship.

    28:36 Well, my presumption is that we are going to grow and that there will be jobs up there [in the future].

    Aunt Ann, you told me yourself a dozen times… Hope is not a strategy!