This Won — a more than ordinary way to reach the teenage girl market

Maria and guest co-host Julia De Mars interview Paulina Galoostian, founder of social media/ shopping / fashion app ThisWon. They discuss appealing to the teenage girl market, starting a company in LA vs SF and what not to do when launching your app.


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2 thoughts on “This Won — a more than ordinary way to reach the teenage girl market

  • Mimi Dominguez

    Hmm this app seems like a copycat of Instagram. Like for a particular picture and comment for the other. You can also ask a particular question on Twitter and instantly get results. This app also makes it seem like women in particular are very indecisive….not sure if that’s the message that ThisWon should advertise

    • AnnMaria De Mars

      I don’t know if the exact word is indecisive. As someone who has raised four teenage girls I can say that some, not all, are very interested in the opinions of their friends. Also as Paulina said sometimes they may not have a lot of time or money so they want to not waste it say going to a movie that’s not very good. Who would know what kind of movie you would like better than your friends.