This is a new area of the Teacher Resources we are adding in 2018 in response to teachers who had asked for resources that extended or went beyond the standards taught in the game.

Learning proportions and statistical questions with graphs

This activity is recommended for enhancement as the standards addressed are at sixth- and seventh grade level. Just a heads up – it does suggest using business card stock, which I highly recommend. Over a school term, spending $10 or less at your local office supply store will save you a hours cutting up pieces of paper. Of course, you could just print on regular paper and have whichever of your own children are annoying you the most at the moment cut out the “cards”. (Not that I’ve ever done that – well, not often, anyway).

Introducing Distributions

SpearYes, I know that lectures are supposed to be evil according to whatever you read on twitter, but the fact is that the steps in getting from raw data to a distribution sometimes needs some explaining. The word doc,  Introducing Distributions is in Word format to allow you to complete it with your students.

I recommend keeping the document you download as your answer key and then clearing the cells in the tables and completing the activity in your class with your students, showing the empty tables step-by-step with your students, shown using a smart board, projector or overhead (seriously, are you still using transparencies? I was just kidding about the overhead projector).