Links we like

There are a lot of links out there on the Web. We know you could just do a Google search yourself, but the issue isn’t finding links – it’s find good, accurate and useful links. We’ve vetted hundreds of sites out there to create a list highlighting the best of the bunch when it comes to math .

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  1. Math Four, great site on teaching math by Bon Crowder. Especially great post on “Ten Questions to Ask About a Math Problem
  2. Learning about area and perimeter – These are activities to help teach the concept of area and perimeter. Resources courtesy of “ProTeacher Collection”.
  3. The “Ultimate Number Line” Game – This game is designed for 1st grade and up, and is scalable and adaptable for higher levels of difficulty. Resources courtesy of “I want to teach forever”
  4. Fraction Splat – Math Game– Click on the target type of fraction while avoiding the others. How fast can you do it?
  5. FractOne – Math Game– Click on pairs of squares that add up to 1 and do it as fast as you can!