Fish Lake Educational Resources

Do you need to teach fractions? Then, welcome to the Educational Resource site for “Fish Lake”!

This site contains learning materials specifically created and selected to supplement the content covered in  the Fish Lake game. This page serves as the central hub for all teacher resource materials related to the game.

Fish Lake is an adventure game that teaches fractions, beginning with “What is a fraction?” and covering equivalent fractions, common denominators, adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. (Get it here.) The story line in the game is based on Ojibwe history and culture, so students are learning history and math at the same time.

On this page, you’ll find links to resources that provide supplementary information and activities to complement the game you are using with your students.

How to use these resources

We recommend you start with your students playing the game. Then, click on the links on the left for videos or PowerPoint/ PDF presentations to reinforce concepts taught in the game. Those links will take you to resources in order to build on one another. We start with understanding what a fraction is and multiple examples of using fractions in settings from sharing your dinner to meeting your tribe on the Great Plains. We explain what is a numerator and denominator. Next, we move to adding fractions with common denominators and continue through to multiplication, equivalent fractions, lowest terms, mixed fractions and more.

Reducing fractions to common denominator, from Fish Lake

Are these resources all in the game?

All of these resources , and more, are in the game. If your student misses a problem or asks for a hint, they’ll have an option to watch a video or have a page read to them. However, if a student is still unclear on a concept and you’d like to teach that directly, re-teach , modify what we have made available, we’ve linked dozens of resources to this site. We realize not every student learns at the same pace or in the same way.

Can I use these resources without purchasing a game?

Absolutely! Although we think the Fish Lake game is great fun as well as educational, and a terrific supplement to any math curriculum, we understand you may only have Chromebooks or you can’t afford the $5 or $10 for an individual license or can’t buy a classroom license. Please use anything that can help and don’t feel bad about it.

We have generous sponsors for Title I schools, libraries in rural and low-income communities and children in foster care. If that describes you and you don’t have funds in your budget for the games, PLEASE email

Can I check out a free version of the game?

Yes. You can get one free level here, playable on Mac or Windows computer or iPad.

Other Game-Specific Teacher Resource Sites

You might also want to check out the Teacher Resources site, which contains information on 7 Generation Games, our products and vetted resources that more broadly cover upper elementary and middle school math, Native American history and culture  and Latin American history.

For example, “Spirit Lake: The Game” focuses primarily on numbers and operations and the Dakota/Sioux. The content on that site reflects that material.) You can access that pages under the “Game Sites” tab. (As we add new games, you will be able to access those teacher resource sites through that tab as well.

Materials are accessible either by link and/or available above for download.

Click the links on the left for the individual pages to download the content.