The following movies were created to supplement the content covered in Spirit Lake. Math content focuses on numbers and operations, while the cultural content videos focus on Dakota (Sioux) culture. You can also visit our 7 Generation Games YouTube channel.

Spirit Lake Math Videos

The playlist is as follows:

  1. Another Example of Long Division
  2. Math Terms
  3. How to Find The Perimeter
  4. How to Find Perimeters
  5. The Number Line
  6. Problem Solving: Start at the End
  7. Problem Solving: Make It Easier
  8. Estimation and the World’s Largest Venus Fly Trap
  9. Problem Solving: Visualize
  10. Solving Long Division
  11. Probability with Guinea Pigs
  12. Problem Solving Tip: Start at the End
  13. Buffalo Hunting Word Problem
  14. Fractions Equivalent to One
  15. How To Do Long Division
  16. How To Do Long Division 2
  17. How To Use Division To Solve A Problem
  18. How To Use A Numberline
  19. Long Multiplication
  20. Another Example of Long Multiplication
  21. 5 Things To Know About Subtraction
  22. How To Find The Perimeter And Polygons

Spirit Lake Culture Videos

The playlist is as follows:

  1. Native American Tradition of Counting Coup
  2. Native American Hunting of Deer and Buffalo
  3. Becoming a Buffalo Hunter in the Native American Culture
  4. Becoming a Buffalo Hunter in Native American Culture
  5. Spirit Lake Indian Boys Trained in the Arts of Hunting and War
  6. Tobacco is Considered Sacred by Most Native American Tribes
  7. Earning an Eagle Feather
  8. Story of the Lost Wife
  9. Native Americans by the Numbers – Before Christopher Columbus…
  10. Afterlife
  11. Buffalo Pony
  12. Eagle Pits
  13. Dakota Tracking Ability
  14. Winter Time