We’re Not Yet Everywhere — But We’re Getting There

Copy of Map of the United States (1)

I was going through some of the 7 Generation Games data to get an idea of where our users come from geographically. Realizing what a wide range of geography we cover, I thought it would make for a neat map. Yes, that’s the kind of thing I think is fun. Don’t judge.

It turns out we have individual users from 33 states, not to mention 7 countries. We’re currently in schools and after-school programs in four states and in talks to expand to schools in at least three more states (or more) by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

The map shows that we’ve got more work ahead of us, but considering that we’ve really only had one game on the market for less than six months, we think it’s a pretty good start. (Note to the Four Corners Area: We’ll be coming for you!)

If your state is blue, you should buy a copy of “Spirit Lake: The Game” and change that. You don’t want your state to be in the minority of states that don’t understand the awesomeness of what we’re doing.

And if you your state is yellow, you should encourage the schools and after-school programs in your area to check us out. We’re doing big things.

And even if your state is green, you should still help spread the word.

You can go here to buy a copy of “Spirit Lake: The Game.”