Welcome to a revolution in educational video gaming.

We are a company changing the way math is both taught and learned. We believe in using technology to create a better world. We believe in educating through engaging.

We create educational video games that combine math, Native American history and adventure gaming. Our games are Common Core aligned, regarding both problem concepts and execution. (We present students with the kind of problems they’ll encounter in the exact format they’ll encounter them on the computer adapted tests.)

What makes us awesome?

We make math practical. Useful. You want to save your entire village from an illness? You better go get the right number of herbs and bring them back.  Oh, and make sure you bring enough arrows with you for hunting buffalo. You’d hate to run out because you brought too few.

See how we just slipped some math skills in there?  Even more, it also incorporates historically accurate Native American culture and traditions.

And our graphics are outstanding. Meaning our game meets the standards kids have when it comes to what constitutes a quality gaming environment.

Just as important, Spirit Lake: The Game  — our first product — has a demonstrated record of raising math scores in students who play our game. Moreover, our game has proven successful with students who are performing below grade-level. This aspect of the game is at the core of what we do. (Spirit Lake is commercially available for individual, classroom and site license purchase.)

Yes, it’s great to have a cool game that students want to play, but a game that students want to play and that can bring underperforming students up to the academic level they’re supposed to be at: That is the kind of thing that will revolutionize the way math is taught.

What do we offer?

From an educator standpoint, the game provides a valuable tool that engages students while simultaneously teaching mathematics. Each student’s progress is tracked and charted, allowing teachers to see which concepts both individuals and the class as a whole are grasping and which concepts are presenting challenges to both individuals and/or the class as a whole. We also provide a supplemental resource guide for educators with lesson plans and materials they can incorporate into the class if they want.

From a student standpoint, the game is fun. We’re not just saying that because it sounds good. Kids like playing our game.

Who is using us?

Our games are currently in more than 20 schools and after-school programs. We have an additional 300-plus individual users, hailing from 32 different states and seven countries.

The beta version of our second game — Fish Lake — was released in January 2014 and is being tested in  classrooms in four states.

Our third game, Buffalo Trail, is currently in development (slated for Fall 2014 release). We are in pre-production on our first mobile/tablet game (Summer 2014).

How do you find out more?

Check out our blog for the most up-to-date information on our game, answers to your questions and more.

If you’re interested and would like more information, please contact us here or at (310) 717-9089.

We have offices in Santa Monica, California; Silicon Valley; and on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation in North Dakota.

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  1. Leon Lewis

    Got it. Came here because I saw a Fox interview featuring Miss Ronda Rousey’s mom, whom said she worked for this organization. Interesting stuff you got…. Check out my website in view of potential mutual interests… thanks….LEON LEWIS (Director)


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