Straight Outta Turtle Mountain: Dr. Carol Davis

Join us as Dr. Carol Davis tells us of her eventful life, from helping found a college at age 25, earning a teaching credential and doctorate while raising a houseful of children and grandchildren on the Turtle Mountain Reservation. After retiring from the college presidency, Dr. Davis continues non-stop as water protector, anti-fracking activist, founder of a non-profit research group and is still married to her husband for the past 53 years the incredibly lucky (and patient) Lynn Davis.

Dr. Carol Davis

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One thought on “Straight Outta Turtle Mountain: Dr. Carol Davis

  • Jerilyn DeCoteau

    I enjoyed your interview Carol. It brought back so many memories. You are as humble and wise as ever. I do think you were born that way. Thank you for sharing your stories. We all need to do more of that. It is important, critical, to the survival of our culture, our survival as a People. Miigwech.