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I have been searching all over the web for interesting, fun and of course helpful math blogs to share with you. I found these to be the most engaging in my opinion. I hope they can be of use to your students, children at home or even yourself! I’d love to know if any of these blogs were useful to you. Here they are and not in favorite order, just the order in which I found them.

  1. FOR THE LOVE OF TEACHING MATH- This teacher blogger has made learning to divide and multiply integers into a game or a song to help students learn the material in a fun memorable way. Catchy tunes stay in your head forever!


  1. LEARN WITH MATH GAMES- This blog actually has many links to different math topics and easier ways to teach children. The one that stood out to me was the link to teaching multiplication.



  1. WALKING IN MATH LAND- Although this website’s math blog has not been updated recently it does contain a few blog posts that are a fun read along with tabs to choose from Algebra, Honors algebra, videos, and other math practicing sites that can be useful for students to practice with when preparing for tests or the SAT.


  1. MISS MATH DORK- This blogger shows ways in which we apply math to real life situations. It is not only an every day way of approaching math problems but it would be a smart way to get kids to interact when on the road or at home making them practice math without really realizing it.


  1. MATH EQUALS LOVE- For high school math teachers who can relate with every day student questions and want a bit of a laugh, this is for you. This blogger also provides free downloads and ideas on activities to help with math learning. I personally liked all the foldable activities she shows on this site.


  1. FUN TO TEACH MATH- Math blog that shares math teaching ideas and free activities by other bloggers along with an ESL activity blog for those teaching English as a second language.


  1. HOODAMATH- I actually found this one through the Scholastic website and considered it to be one of the most entertaining math blogs. The site is going through some remodeling but here is the link to the math game site he has created! http://hoodamath.com/


  1. HOMESCHOOL MATH- This blog I found useful because it is for those students who are homeschooled. Most blogs on math mainly focus on education from actual school buildings and tend to forget those students who stay at home and learn at home.


  1. I CHOOSE MATH- This blog caught my attention specifically for the math art gallery it contains. Pretty neat if you can incorporate math into art.


  1. MATH AND MULTIMEDIA- Lastly, I came across this blog that not only focuses on math but on math in multimedia settings. It is a good blog to look into since technology has taken over and everything is becoming computer based.


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