7 Generation Games at NIEA 2014 3

Two senior members of our team traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, last week to represent 7 Generation Games at the National Indian Education Association’s annual convention and trade show. The event brings together Native American educators as well as educators working with the Native American community. It was 7 Generation Games’ second year attending NIEA — and we were excited to return after the great experience we had in 2013. Co-founder Maria Burns Ortiz and senior cultural consultant Dr. Erich Longie were on hand to demo Spirit Lake and to meet with educators from around the country. They made some great connections. Best of all, people really liked our game.

Here’s a look at 7 Generation Games at NIEA. (Thanks to our friends at Evrybit for the awesome opportunity to document it using their app.)

If you attended NIEA and picked up one of our flyers, be sure to follow up and get your copy of “Spirit Lake: The Game” today!

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