7 Generation Games Game Tester Ronda Rousey Wins 2 ESPYs! 2

We here at 7 Generation Games want to extend our sincere congratulations to our very first game tester, Ronda Rousey, who picked up two wins at last night’s ESPY Awards on ESPN. Long before she was earning the distinction of “Best Fighter” and “Best Female Athlete,” Ronda was giving us feedback on how we could make “Spirit Lake: The Game” even better.

Ronda ImageRonda also will appear in our upcoming game “Forgotten Trail” as someone the game’s two main characters — Sam and Angie — meet along the way. Now, we’re not saying that Ronda’s affiliation with 7 Generation Games is why she won a pair of ESPYs on Wednesday night, but we’re not necessarily saying that it didn’t play a role either.

While there is not definitive data on whether  our games can help you become the baddest athlete on the planet, the data is very clear that our games can help you get better at math.

You should check them out!



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