7 Generation Games North Dakota Tour By Numbers

Last week I wrote a blog about Expecting the Unexpected¬†and the importance of being prepared for any obstacle that comes your way. The¬†7 Generation Games team was 1,772 miles from home, had no electricity, internet, or cell phone service, but we¬†were still able to host¬†a successful training session for teachers on our educational video games because our CEO was prepared to handle that¬†type of situation. When most other people would have just called off the training session, AnnMaria¬†acted quickly to break the teachers up¬†into two groups; the first group played the demo version of our game on AnnMaria’s MacBook, while I helped the other group install the¬†game on their laptop computers. After about 20 minutes, the groups¬†switched. And for the last 15 minutes we held a Q & A session where the teachers asked about development, automated reporting, and then provided their feedback on what we could include in future games. And just to show you how dedicated this group of teachers were,¬†every single teacher stayed throughout the entire session in the dark.

The following¬†day, the 7 Generation Games team headed over to the¬†last school to provide training¬†to the teachers in an after school workshop. As we got ready to begin the session at 3:30pm, wouldn’t you know it, the fire alarm goes off! We all put our coats on and went on over to the classrooms across the street where the younger students are taught. Luckily, I had my camera with me so I could snap a few of photos of some of the posters they had on the wall teaching the children the Dakota words for colors, days of the week, and the months of year. This was the first time that I had ever seen any of these words before,

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Regardless if the 7 Generation Games team is in Santa Monica or North Dakota, it’s safe to¬†say that wherever we go, adventure is sure to follow.¬†And since we’re a company that is all about math, I figured it best to sum up our North Dakota trip in a story¬†told by¬†the numbers.

7 Generation Games North Dakota Tour By Numbers

  • 244 Changes in the Game
  • 52 Teachers Attended our Workshops
  • 40 Copies of the Game Delivered to Teachers
  • 18 hours¬†of Flights
  • 11 Minutes Spent in Canada
  • 9 Hours Driving
  • 7 Days in North Dakota
  • 5 Schools Visited
  • 5 Cities Visited
    • Minot- Population of¬†46,321
    • Devils Lake- Population of¬†7,256
    • Belcourt- Population of¬†2,078
    • Fort Totten- Population of 1,243
    • Warwick- Population of 66
  • 5 Pages of Suggestions for New Games From Students and Teachers
  • 4 School Districts Visited
  • 4 Trips to Walmart for Supplies for Teachers
  • 3 Hotels
  • 2 Games Released
  • 2 Indian Reservations Visited (Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain)
  • 2 Countries Visited (Canada and U.S.)
  • 1 Power Outage
  • 1 Fire Drill
  • -3¬į (F) Wind Chill

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