7 Generation Games Tweet-up: A family tradition

It might seem odd that we have a tweet-up at mixed martial arts competitions. Seriously, what do arm bars and math have in common?

More than you might think – I once did a survival analysis example with the dependent variable as how long an opponent lasts in a match before arm barred by Ronda Rousey, current women’s world champion and also my daughter and our CMO’s sister. I could certainly write a few geometry problems showing angles of effective and ineffective arm bars.

Actually, UFC events are a good opportunity because people from all over the country attend, in fact, people from all over the world. The last event, we had a chance to meet game users and potential users who are teachers in Nevada, Illinois, Washington and all over California. We made a new friend from Canada who sponsored a couple of schools who did not have the budget for our games but really needed extra resources.

Tweet up July 5th Mandalay Bay Mizuya Bar

Our friends at Evrybit are covering UFC 175 as a test event, so it was also an opportunity to hang out with another start-up.

Being in the martial arts media/ marketing realm, our other friends at Armbar Nation, another start-up, are also going to be at the event.

Here is the funny thing – I do attend official start-up events on occasion and usually there aren’t more than three real start-ups there. The rest of the attendees are either people who have “an idea”, which let me tell you is vastly different from an actual company, or from organizations large and small trying to sell to start-ups.

So, if you are interested in math, in games, in start-ups or just hanging out with us and drinking a beer, show up on July 5th at 3 pm.

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