Census 2020: Statistics for Kids

The US Census Bureau released 2020 tool kits for Parents, Caregivers and Educators. Teachers have Statistics in Schools (SIS) resources for 2020. We’ve curated a list of these Statistics links containing teacher resources for K-12.

Parent Resources

Parent/Caregiver Tool Kit – No teaching experience required. These tool kits are filled with helpful guides and online links to census-themed activities. They even have bite-sized, subtitled YouTube videos for your kids to enjoy. Toolkits for Pre-K to Grade 12 available!

Statistics in Schools

The US Census Bureau offers K-12 teacher resources for Statistics education!

SIS Lessons

Here’s a grab-and-go list of SIS lessons for K-8. Some lessons feature free, accessible online tools directly from the Census.gov site.

Grade K-1 – Let’s Count!
Grade 2 – How Does Our Class Compare?
Grade 3 – Using Fractions to Compare Amusement Parks by State
Grade 4 – Comparing My State
Grade 5 – Number of Births Using a Line Graph
Grade 6 – Numbers That Tell a Story
Grade 7 – Where Should I Live?
Grade 8 – Linear Models-Population Growth in Five States

Teachers, visit the SIS Home Page for Census-themed resources for grades K-12! All are free, aligned with Common Core State Standards, and are Bloom’s Taxonomy verified.

State Facts Tool from the Census.gov site. Click to view the tool.

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