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Sometimes, you need to get out of your office and meet with people. The past three days, I have been in central California – Turlock, Livingston, Merced and Fresno. During that time, I met at least 100 people. Some of them I had long conversations with. Some just said, “Hello”.

I was the keynote speaker at the Livingston Young Women’s Conference which is an amazingly cool event. In a town of 14,000 people, they put on a conference attended by nearly 500 young women in grades 7-12. There is no cost to the students for workshops on everything from self-esteem to careers in the military.

Today, I spent two hours in Fresno learning about challenges facing local teachers.

What did I learn from my trip? Mostly it reinforced knowledge that there are amazing people everywhere. One of the speakers ended her presentation with:

I grew  up here. I graduated from California State University – Stanislaus. Some people call this Farm Town. Well, I’m proud to be from Farm Town.

We want to make games that resonate with people across the country. So much of the technology industry occurs in these little bubbles in Silicon Valley, LA, New York City and Boston.

Artwork in rest stop

Artwork at Rest Stop in Central California

Math happens everywhere. History happens everywhere. People have brilliant ideas in “Farm Town”, in the Deep South and the Far North. Every place has art and every place has stories

The more different ideas we can include in our games, the better they will be.

Speaking of road trips …. here is where I’ll be next

  • Early April – Tampa, FL
  • April 22-29   –  Dallas TX
  • Early May – Fort Berthold Reservation
  • Early June – Washington DC
  • June 20-21 -Louisiana

If you live in any of those places and backed us on Kickstarter or play our games, I’d be delighted to hear your opinions, buy you a beverage of your choice – coffee, beer, Chardonnay – you name it. Send your contact information to info@7generationgames.com

If you have a program you think could benefit from our games, please email info@7generationgames.com

I’m traveling a lot (weren’t you reading up to this point?!) so sending it to the info email will get someone back to you the quickest.

Speaking of Kickstarter, wander on over here and check out our Kickstarter campaign for Forgotten Trail. It is our newest game under development. See how you can be part of it.

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