Why does my computer try to decide what’s best for me?

In this highly tech oriented era, it is nearly impossible for anyone to go a day without accessing their computer. We depend on these versatile devices not only for work, but also for study, correspondence, calendars, and entertainment. We all know that strong privacy controls on our devices are necessary in order to prevent our personal data from falling into the wrong hands. However, such controls do vary depending upon the version of software that a particular computer runs on and the way that each user adjusts their security settings. Often times when we are opening programs that we know are safe, we are confronted with frustrations like this annoying little box that pops up on our screens:


Unfortunately, we have found that some users run into this kind of security issue when attempting to open our video games on both Mac and PC devices for the first time. Security preferences on most computers have been prearranged to only allow certain apps to download immediately, deeming othersĀ to be security threats. Luckily, there is an easy two-step process that can be done to circumvent the issue and open the game successfully!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Resolving the Issue on Macs are as Follows:

When attempting to open a new program (lets use our newest game that is currently in development as an example- Fish Lake) on a Mac computer for the first time, the above window may appear. In order to open the program, you will need to right click on the Fish Lake icon to locate the game in your Finder window.


Now right click on the Fish Lake game in your Finder window.


A drop down menu will appear. Select open.


The game will open successfully overwriting your deviceā€™s security feature.


Following these steps will help you bypass the security settings on your computer in order to install the software of your choosing.Ā  We hope you find this quick and easy solution helpful, andĀ if you have any additional questions about securityĀ settings, please write your questions in the comment section below.

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