Creating Assets With The Help Of TurboSquid is fantastic resource, from which you can browse and download 3D assets. Moreover, many of these are completely free. This has proven extremely helpful in creating the new 3D version of Fish Lake Level 3.

Stop Sign

We already have some of the objects we need for the two scavenger hunts. However, TurboSquid has made it relatively easy to create the objects we don’t have 3D models for. For example, two wooden rails need to be collected by the player to build a wagon. For this, I found a stop sign fbx, which I imported into the scene, and then removed all meshes besides the metal post. From there, I tilted its z-axis 88°, and then applied a wooden texture. Finally, I turned it into a prefab so I could easily add a second wooden rail into the scene without repeating those edits.

Wooden Rail

I used a similar process to turn a metal axe into a stone tomahawk. TurboSquid’s variety of available 3D models—that can be mixed and matched, and given new textures—has vastly simplified the process of creating a host of new game objects.

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