Data Futurology Podcast #119 with Dr. De Mars

Finding Success in Data-Driven Entrepreneurship with Dr. AnnMaria De Mars – President

Data Futurology Podcast host Felipe Flores catches up with our president, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars!


Listen now | Duration 48:02 | Recorded on June 16, 2020

Life experiences, judo principles, and pure grit.

“In this episode,” Flores writes, “Dr. AnnMaria opens the show explaining how she ended up in the data world and later consulting… She has authored grants that have received tens of millions of dollars in funding, including more than $30 million for Native American programs.”


“I love the fact that you look for unconventional ways to solve problems and achieve goals, and I also love the long term vision and perseverance that you have for your goals.

So, having 7 Generation Games [is] a perfect example. Having the idea for something like that in the 80’s, and then starting it in 2012, and now sort of 8 years in–it’s a testament to your character, and to your perseverance and leadership style…

I’m so impressed.”

Felipe Flores
Data Futurology

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