Day 1: Spirit Lake Demo

On my first official day of the internship, I was able to try out the Spirit Lake free demo. (You can download it HERE) As part of the internship, I am responsible for the testing the user experience of the games offered by 7 Generation Games. Not only do I get a refresher on my multiplication tables, but I essentially get to beta test before the game goes live and becomes available to the general public.

The entirety of Spirit Lake is currently available to download on our site, and I can honestly say that I wish I had the opportunity to play this game when I was learning my multiplication tables. While the demo is limited to one level of the full Spirit Lake game, I cannot wait to see what is waiting for the user in the later levels.

At the conclusion of the demo, the narrator hints at a potential meeting with a bear! I wonder what multiplication and bears have in common?…

There is only way to find out! Until next time.


– Trent, Intern



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