Deion’s Blog Post

Hey, my name is Deion, and I’m going into the 9th grade this year.    

One way school can be improved is teachers can handle students better. Some students have a hard time learning classes and don’t get help from teachers or case managers. Which can lead to difficulties in keeping students on task or keeping them from getting distracted.

One thing I learned through this internship is that computer stuff can be complicated. And why I say it is complicated is because this is very new to me. I have never really had to use PhotoShop and there’s a lot of information and tasks you need to do in order to do things the right way.

I do think that games can teach kids depending on the educational benefits it gives. For example, Minecraft teaches how to build things and use your imagination to build your base/home and how to defeat certain monsters and survival is one of the things the game teaches you.

My favorite subject is art because art is a form of imaginable creativity that flows through what picture you see in your mind. Art, to many people, is therapeutic and it can really show how much talent a person has or skill that they have learned.

At 7 Generation Games, I did a project on using the Library of Congress online archives. I found photos of the Washburn A Mill, created a collection of them and wrote a blog about the historical Washburn A Mill and the series of events that took place there from 1840 through 2003. I enjoyed my time at 7 Generation Games.

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