Dennis and AnnMaria’s Excellent Adventure Road Trip

I was in Australia a week ago. Yesterday, we went to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico to discuss schools in the Dominican Republic. Why Mexico? Well, it’s a lot closer than the Caribbean and the person we were meeting with lived on the border. Plus, they had deep fried lobster which I had never eaten and it was delicious. Also, margaritas and mariachi.

Do I need to fall off a cliff to get your attention?

Despite doing business in two countries, negotiating with two more and having visited two others within the last week, I’m told I’m boring. I did an instagram live with my lovely daughter, Julia, and she suggested doing drinking games in Las Vegas to liven up our road trip and gain more interest in our company. (You can follow me on instagram here.) When I told her I would consider that but sex tapes were right out, she said, “Ew!” and was so traumatized that she went into her room and refused to come out.

AnnMaria at the edge of a cliff
Sometimes, I think I need to fall off a cliff to get attention for our educational games

It’s that time of year when no one thinks about school, so we are going on a road trip

Even if I did make a sex tape (relax, Julia, not happening) or fell off a cliff, I don’t think that would be sufficient to get the attention of most teachers and school administrators right now. So, we bowed to the inevitable. We are still doing testing in Chile, thanks to our country manager, Daniel Mondaca, and the fact that they are in the middle of the school year down there. Other than that, our crew in Los Angeles continues to work on a new game we are developing and testing for teaching decision-making to children who have family members addicted to alcohol or drugs.

As for Dennis and I, we are going on a road trip. Next week, I’ll be teaching a class on game design for middle school students at Warwick School on the Spirit Lake Nation and also meeting with the staff and clientele of the Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project.

Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota or North Dakota? Let’s meet up!

Because working in remote areas is always a challenge for any software, we’re taking our show on the road, literally, and will be developing and testing in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota on our way to North Dakota. If you’re in any of those states and would like a demo of our software or to meet up and hear what we are working on – holler!

Startup travel isn't all testing out in the field. Road trip stop 1: Las Vegas
First stop, Vegas, baby!

It’s been a while since I was in Las Vegas but as I recall, the wifi in the casinos was god awful. I think it is a plot to get you to spend your money on gambling. Anything that would keep you in your hotel room – coffee, Internet – pretty much is non-existent or sucks. So, tomorrow, or I guess since it’s past 1 am, strictly speaking, today, I’ll let you know if the wifi has improved. We may also try a drinking game – one shot for every school license we sell tomorrow.

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