Developing a new website should be FUN!

The following is a guest blog from our our friends at Fusion Media Concepts who developed our new website. ENJOY!

When 7 Generation Games approached us at Fusion Media Concepts to develop their new website we were extremely excited to be working with their company. They had indicated they have been in need of a new website for some time now, but realized that their main priority was on the development of their game and wanted to hire our team to create their new site. After sitting down with CEO & Founder Dr. AnnMaria De Mars and Co-Founder Maria Burns Ortiz, it was safe to say they had a clear expectation of what their new website needed it terms of functionality. This dramatically helps in the development process, because our goal is to capture a business’ brand essence and bring it to life online. We want to give the users navigating a website the comfort and control to find what they need, while providing them with information they may not have been aware of previously. When a user visits the website we want to visually engage them in the company’s brand and their content.

There is one thing that makes every top ranking website GREAT, and that is content. If you do not have anything to offer the user then they don’t really have any reason to return. This however, will not be a problem for 7 Generation Games as they offer a number of learning tools, videos, and resources on math concepts and Native American culture. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer a wealth of intellectual knowledge from their CEO & Co-Founder who blog regularly from the website. Did I mention between them, one holds a Ph.D and an MBA while the other has worked for Sports Illustrated and ESPN? You might want to give their blogs a read, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

7 Generation Games always has fantastic content for both their website and social media. Tying in that quality content to an aesthetically pleasing site was the recipe that helped Fusion Media Concepts create the great website that you are looking at today. Check out for top-notch website design solutions.

Who is Fusion Media Concepts?
We are a full-service digital media company that develops both websites and social media strategies for our clients. We also create graphics, email blasts, social media content, and provide our clients with monthly reports to show their website and social media traffic. We are anything but “normal” and we pride ourselves on setting trends in the digital world, not following them! We are obsessed with the success of our clients’ accounts and probably check on their performance about twenty times more than any traditional digital marketing company out there. We eat, breath, and dream this stuff. We are always looking for the opportunity to align ourselves with like-minded individuals and businesses who want are looking for creative solutions to build their business and brand like 7 Generation Games.

What we can do for new clients:

  • Let us revitalize your company’s online image by developing a brand new website in WordPress so that you can continue to update it once it has been completed. We will give you the modern look you want while maintaining your company’s brand and giving you the fullest in online exposure/visibly that users want & need to see. We also polish off each website by providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for all of the pages that we create. Learn about GMB campaigns and new possibilities they offer to achieve the highest rankings.
  • We maximize your company’s exposure over all the social media channels. You will see an immediate increase in traffic to your website and overall awareness of your company’s brand. We also email each business comprehensive reports to monitor your traffic and to track your ROI.
  • We develop/create advertising graphics of all types. Whether it is a new Facebook banner, or an ad that needs to be printed for publication, we can do it.

Before you decide to hire a developer to build your company’s dream website, contact us. Chances are we can deliver the same result for a fraction of the cost.

Did you know?

The top 5 most used Content Management System (CMS) platforms monitored by W3 Tech make up about 29% of websites worldwide. Of that 29% WordPress comes in first with 22.4% – more than all four runners up combined.

WordPress Infographic For 2013

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