Did you back us on Kickstarter? Your rewards are coming!

Did you back Forgotten Trail on Kickstarter?  Your rewards are coming!

Last week we began mailing out rewards to our Kickstarter backers. The autographed photo of our real life game models (Ronda Rousey, Julia De Mars and Sophie “the dog”) was mailed to all of our Kickstarter backers who pledged $100 or more. The rest of the Kickstarter rewards will be mailed out individually later this week.

*Please note that in order to receive your reward, you need to fill out the Kickstarter survey that we sent out a few weeks ago via email. We need your response so that we have your mailing address.

If you did not receive your Kickstarter survey, check your spam filter. Or you can just log in to your Kickstarter account and fill out your survey online.

Thank you again to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter! We appreciate all of your support.

For any questions, please email 7 Generation Games project manager Jessica Bueler at jessica@7generationgames.com.

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