Every project has a first minute

If you have never experienced the pleasure of having an idea that won’t leave you alone turn into reality, well, you have my sympathy. Today was the first day of working on our newest game. It’s so new it doesn’t have a name yet. We are going with a working title of “Angie’s Journey”.

This has been one of the best days ever because I am getting really close to where I have wanted to be for years, which is full time game development. I am tying up other projects. I have deliberately turned down offers of board membership, consulting contracts, teaching, to devote my time to development.

Another goal of mine has been to produce the quality of games that I’d envisioned. Our games are good and they are educational. If you play them, you’ll have fun and get smarter. However, for the past two years, we have been under deadlines due to commitments to school districts, to funding agencies, and we’ve also had limited funds. There are many times when I’ve said,

This is good, but it would be so much better if I had the time …

Now, I am having the great pleasure of at every step making the type of game I think everyone will want to play. It’s funny, too, that my first day of programming full time on it ended with a dark and stormy night, because that is how our game opens.

I have much more to do, and we still need to get Fish Lake out the door, which is a pretty good game already. I’ll be “evrybitting” the story every day, using software from another start-up, evrybit.

Check back for day by day progress. If you have your own blog on game development, I’d like to read it. Please link below.

One of my own favorite sources for game development blogs, is Gamasutra.

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