Fish! (Oh, and progress.)

Beta Test Feedback


So far, the beta test responses have been overwhelmingly positive. The biggest complaint we have received is from testers who want MORE of the game and wish they did not have to wait six months for more levels.

Well, you’ll get half of what you want. There will be more levels but it will take six months. We’re simultaneously working on three fronts:

  1. The part you don’t see. Trying to fix every possible error in the game – dead ends, saving the game state more frequently so if the power goes out or you forget it is running in the background and turn your computer off, you haven’t lost too much game progress. Collecting more data for teacher reports (not of interest to beta testers but super interesting for teachers).
  2. Juicing up Game One. This includes everything from another level to better collision control – making the deer run away when you get close – to music in the movies that play when you get all the quiz answers correct. We’re also adding Easter eggs – movies that pop up at random times. Dr. Erich Longie was in Santa Monica for a week recording the voices for many of these.
  3. Game Two development. Last year, the students in our pilot classrooms gave us a LOT of suggestions. Several were particularly about the lake. They said they would really like it if they could row a canoe across it, fish in it and swim in it. Several also suggested being able to hunt the deer! Surprise! We have the design drafted for all of the levels of game two. We’ll be in North Dakota in May reviewing our draft with consultants from the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation and the Turtle Mountain  reservation. There will be fish, deer hunting (!!), and canoeing. On Monday, we start building the 3-D virtual world for game two.