The Next Step: Kickstarter Beta Logins


The beta version logins of Spirit Lake: The Game have been sent out to everyone who pledged $15 or more to our Kickstarter campaign.

Spirit Lake: The Game

(If you backed us and did not receive your login/password, please let us know. You can email us at — and we’ll make sure you get one ASAP.)

This reward distribution marks a major milestone. It’s not just about fulfilling the rewards that we promised people we’d give them if for backing our project. It also means that after over a year in development, pilot and testing, we’re dramatically expanding the number of people who will have access to our game.

Sure, we’ve all tested it internally — some of our staffers dozens of times over. (We’re pretty sure our senior developer could navigate our virtual world blindfolded.) We’ve tested it at two indigenous schools, where we were on-site to both guide users through the game and so we could kick into troubleshooting mode lest we encounter even the slightest issue.

Now, our game — well,  the beta version of our game — is in the hands of more than 200 new users worldwide. By having so many beta users in addition to the schools we’re already piloting our game, no virtual rock will be left unturned. We’ll be able to identify and fix any problem before our game officially goes on the market.

We’re looking forward to getting feedback as we continue to revise and improve the game. We will be rolling out the version of Spirit Lake: The Game at the end of the summer. And of course, we’ll be posting plenty of updates, news and more on here as we keep moving forward.