In-NOW-vation Showcase & World Domination

Big news! We’ve been selected to demo our game at the MIT (yes, that MIT) Enterprise Forum’s In-NOW-vation showcase on April 25, 2013 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

More than 100 companies applied for the 30 demo spots, and we were one of the companies chosen! (See, those MIT folks are smart.)

The MITEF site describes the event as such:

 In-NOW-Vation is a celebration of some of the best in new and up-and-coming technologies and companies, across multiple industries, with hands-on demos and a real-time battle for bragging rights, mindshare, and customers.

We view it as an excellent opportunity to continue to get the word out about our game as well as the chance to meet and network with some other smart and innovative people.

Oh yeah, and there’s also a competition element.

Each company gets to decide which category it wants to enter.

  • Company I Want To Have a Beer With
  • Coolest.  Company.  EVAH.
  • Most Likely to be Acquired by Dr. Evil in His Plan for World Domination
  • Most Likely to Develop a Cult Following

Clearly, we chose “Most Likely to be Acquired by Dr. Evil in His Plan for World Domination.”

Dr. Evil likes platform technologies – things that were originally designed for good, but that he has turned “evil” because they are adaptable, changeable, and the technology can cut across sectors or industries. It’s a company that has lots of opportunities and applications and inspires creativity and helps develop new markets. If you’re competing in this category, be prepared to explain how Dr. Evil might use your technology…

And if you ask us, we think we make a very compelling case.

With a video like this, how can we not win?