14 Awesome Reasons to Back Us on Kickstarter

Thank you for backing us on Kickstarter! There are myriad opportunities in math, and we want to be part of the journey.

Our Kickstarter project launched. Please check it out–and consider backing us! Any amount gets us closer to our goal.

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Did you know that 82 percent of Kickstarter projects that reach 20 percent of their funding goal go on to get fully funded? Check the Kickstarter FAQ page if you don’t believe us.

Now, considering our CEO is a statistician, we know a thing or two about statistics. But you don’t need to have an advanced degree in math to recognize 82 percent of the time is pretty good odds.

In just three days, we’re already over 15 percent of the way to our funding goal–and we feel really good about that.

But you know what would make us feel even better? Hitting 20 percent. We recognize it’s not a magical mark that will make reaching our $20,000 goal a downhill effort from here on out, but it will mean we’re one significant step closer to making this happen.

We’ve been hard at work getting the word out about our Kickstarter project. Please tell others about our project and encourage them to back us too!

14 reasons to encourage your friends and family to support our project.

1. Because I think math is awesome.

2. Because I hate math and am in favor of anything that might make it more interesting.

3. Because it’s kind of like Oregon Trail, but it actually involves useful learning (as opposed to it sucks when your “family” dies from dysentery).

4. Because it’s specifically targeting Native American students and pretty much no one else is.

5. Because any student can benefit from it, including non-Indian students.

6. Because it’s got great potential as a homeschool resource.

7. Because we need to support more woman-owned tech companies.

8. Because we need to support PoC-owned tech companies.

9. Because you’re an old person and resent the stereotype that nobody over 30 can run a startup.

10. Because you’re a young person and want to back this ancient 54-year-old grandmother since you feel bad about the fact that she probably doesn’t have that many good years left.

11. Because I personally know the CEO, and she’s awesome.

12. Because I don’t personally know the CEO, but I read her blog (or this blog)/follow her on Twitter (or this Twitter handle) and she’s awesome.

13. Because I don’t know the CEO, but I read her blog/follow her on Twitter and think she’s insufferable. (Hey, just covering all our bases.)

14. Because 13 is an unlucky number.

Or better yet, just tell them why you backed us. That’ll work too!