Kickstarter: How much torque does it take to break a person’s arm?

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We’re adding a new reward for Kickstarter backers who pledge $50 or more to support Spirit Lake: The Game — an 8×10 signed photo of UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey.

The “Thank You for Supporting Spirit Lake: The Game” photo featuring Ronda will be a limited edition shot, exclusive to 7 Generation Games (meaning you will only be able to get one by backing us as part of this Kickstarter campaign).

Even better, you’ll know that it’s an authentic autograph. Hate to break it to you, but we’ve seen what’s on eBay and a lot of the “Ronda Rousey” signed items might very well have been signed by someone named “Ronda Rousey,” just not the one who fights in the UFC.

What does Ronda Rousey have to do with this? Well, math and MMA go hand-and-hand. For example, how many kicks to the head does it take to knock a person out? Or, when you have your opponent on the ground, at what angle do you need to crank to dislocate an elbow? (Ask Miesha Tate.)

OK, so that might be a stretch. Ronda is not actually in the cage calculating angles.

However, if you are a Ronda Rousey fan, you might already know that she is a huge gaming fan. In high school, she was a moderator for a Pokemon forum. She was also our Game Tester No. 1 back in the fall when we were doing our alpha version. Some of Ronda’s contributions to design:

  • Speeding up how fast the players move. She thought it was too slow.
  • Adding invisible barriers, because Ronda would go wandering off the path toward the mountains, “I wonder what’s over there.”
  • Making it impossible NOT to fall into the first pit – because she kept getting around it and that is where you overhear the settlers plotting.
  • Suggesting that we add some additional side quests and Easter eggs as part of the game. That is actually one of the things we hope to do with additional funding.

If you’ve already pledged at a level over $50, you’ll get this reward as part of your package automatically. If you’ve pledged at a lower level, you can up your pledge to $50 to make you eligible for this reward.

Thanks again for backing our project!