Freebie Friday: 7 Generation Games Conferences Presentations

The Memorial Day holiday weekend has arrived which also marks the unofficial start of summer! You might be traveling this weekend or getting ready for parties and cookouts. Before you do, we want to offer up some reading material that is informative and useful.

Throughout the year our 7 Generation Games team travels to various conferences and events all over the country, talking about our games and the state of the EdTech field. Dr. AnnMaria De Mars and CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz give insightful and educational presentationsĀ that also include detailed topic decks. We know that many of you aren’t able to attend the conferences, so we’re bringing the presentations to you.

Our New PRESENTATIONS section on our site, will house all of the presentation reports for you to review and use. The first two listed are for our participation atĀ the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE) 2016 andĀ the CUE National ConferenceĀ 2016. Check them out now!


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