Freebie Friday: Sponsor a classroom and receive a limited edition gift

Do you like to help others succeed? Do you like to receive free gifts? Then we have just the thing for you!

Sponsor a classroom of students and provide them the gift of Fish Lake to help them learn fractions, we will send you a limited edition gift from 7 Generation Games. We only have 7 of these custom Gene Le Belle limited edition Ronda Rousey badges that had been signed by the UFC Bantamweight Champion herself.

If you would like to sponsor a classroom and are coming to our tweetup on February 28th in Los Angeles, we will reserve this one for you to pick one up in person. Since we don’t want to distract Ronda from her training by asking her to sign anymore, if you are unable to make it to the tweetup event, then we would be happy to mail it to you after UFC 184. Just forward a copy of your receipt to so that we can make the arrangements for pickup/shipping with you.


What is Fish Lake All About?

We’re glad you asked! Fish Lake is the second in our series of games that make you smarter. Fish Lake tackles fractions while you migrate with your family across the Great Plains. The game is based on the migration of the Ojibwe people across the Great Plains to “the land where food grows on the water”.

Players will have to canoe down rapids, build a dam, avoid venomous snakes as your tribe moves across the continent, and learn all about fractions while you’re at it. It’s not just for kids. Spear some fish. Build a Red River cart. Exercise your brain along the way.

$9.99 Individual License
$100 Classroom License
$250 School License


Buy Spirit Lake

buffalo-300x184Find the herbs to save your tribe. Escape rabid wolves. Shoot buffalo. All while practicing multiplication, division and a tiny bit of geometry.

Buy Spirit Lake! (Click here!)

Buy Fish Lake

fishCanoe down rapids, avoid the venomous snakes as your tribe moves across the continent. Oh, and learn all about fractions while you’re at it. (We’re meeting 1/2 way to the winter camp. Where is that?)

Buy Fish Lake! (Click here!)

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