Freebie Friday: What Else Can We Do For You?

We’re feeling very grateful lately, given the over $30,000 pledged already on Kickstarter, the over 100 classroom licenses that have been sponsored, the thousands of people playing Fish Lake and Spirit Lake – I could go on.

This post is about YOU, though. What can we give you to show our appreciation? We have free demo versions  of Fish Lake and Spirit Lake here.

If you backed us on Kickstarter, you received a link to download a sneak peek at Forgotten Trail (this link only works for Kickstarter backers).

We have just started a regular newsletter (if one defines “regular” as when we get around to it). Sign up here to get it emailed.

I was thinking though that we could probably do more without a great deal of effort. For example, we have on our website a lot of resources for learning, whether it is teachers in a classroom or anyone who would be interested in, for example, hearing the story of how one Native American man proposed marriage. You can go to the RESOURCES page and poke around.

I could knock together a form without too much trouble where you could pick topic and type. So, if you wanted a powerpoint presentation on teaching lowest common denominator, a video on Dakota views on after life or clip art of objects like baskets and canoes for some project of your own, you could select from a few pull down menus and bingo, there you go.

I’ve presented at a many conferences and published a lot of reports, I could put up a research section.

We have a lot of artwork – maybe a photo gallery?

So, that’s my question, what can we do for you to show our appreciation?

If you haven’t backed us on Kickstarter yet, there are still 7 days to go. All the cool kids are doing it – and you can get  a sneak preview of Forgotten Trail, a game poster, autographed copy of one of our game scenes and other prizes.


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