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Hi all! It’s Math Monday and it has been a good while since my last post about helpful math sites. This time I took on to to see what other fun ideas I could find and share. Again I am listing 10 links off Pinterest that I found fun, helpful or just plain genius to help kids enjoy math more or to help you with ideas. Most of these Pinterest links also have an additional link to the website from which the picture came from. If you click on the link shared on the Pinterest account they will guide you to their own website where you will be bale to find more of their teaching ideas. Have a look and hope you like these!


    1. Using skittles/ candy in making graphs.
    1. Solving equations flowchart, this flowchart gives students step by step directions on how to solve their equations while also showing them some examples.
    1. โ€œThe question could beโ€ this idea provides students with the answer while also providing 3 different possible questions to which the answer belongs to, the student then has to choose the correct question from the 3 choices.
    1. Math ideas for 1-4 grade. This link has many different ideas for different levels of math. There are fun activities for multiplication, fractions and telling time.
    1. Division poster with rules for diving in bright colors. This would be quite helpful to have in class for students who tend to get confused or are forgetful.
    1. Another flip chart to help with percentages, fractions and decimal conversions. This chart is very useful to have when learning to convert fractions, decimals and percentages because they have examples you can refer to.
    1. This is a math word wall for 5th grade classrooms. It contains all of the vocabulary examples that are commonly taught in 5th grade elementary school classrooms.
    1. Math Jenga! Such a fun way to add excitement when learning addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
    1. Number search, this idea is a way to make students think of many number combinations that equal the number you choose to write in the middle. This could probably also work with multiplication, division and subtraction.
    2. Common Core cheat sheets, if you are unsure of the math you should be teaching your grade these sheets have all of the standards on one page according to your grade. They are available in grades K-5.


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