Giving is better than receiving: Buy One, Gift One 2

We all know that giving is better than receiving, but what if you could have both of both worlds? Well, your wish is our command.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we are kicking off our “Buy One, Gift One” promotion. Now through December 31st, any time you purchase an individual license of Spirit Lake: The Game, we will donate¬†a second game to a¬†child that cannot afford one. The same also applies to purchasing a class license or school license. If you have a particular school or library where you would like to gift your donation, please forward a copy of your receipt to so that he¬†help fulfill your request.

So what is Spirit Lake: Lake The Game all about? We are glad you asked!

Have you ever played the game Oregon Trail? Spirit Lake is similar except at the end your family doesn’t die of dysentery. But you may encounter a pack of wild wolves on your way to find the herbs you need to heal your family. You are then presented with a¬†scenario where¬†you see five wolves, and you know it usually takes seven arrows to hunt each wolf. How many arrows are you going to need to hunt these¬†wolves? See how clever we are of slipping¬†some math in there?

Kids and adults love this RPG game that can be played on both PC or Mac. You will learn the legends of the Dakota and Sioux Native American tribes while being challenged with math concepts at the fourth and fifth grade level. This game is aligned with the Common Core standards and includes multiplication and division, with a bit of geometry and probability.

Below is a video of the type of stories that you will learn throughout the game. This short clip is about the buffalo pony and is one of my personal favorites. If you like what you see, give the game a try and download at our   online store. And the best part is that you know that each time you buy a game, you will be giving a gift to a child in need too.


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