How do you decide who to give your games?

We made Giving Tuesday into Giving December and until December 31 we at 7 Generation Games will match every donation.

Today, someone who donated three games asked me how we decide who gets the games and how they know to ask us for a game.

For individual donations, our first priority is children in foster care. If you didn’t know, now you know, I was in foster care myself when I was a kid and every single foster home I was in sucked. As an adult, I have met people who are wonderful foster parents. Too bad I did not live with any of them when I was a kid.  So, any foster parent who asks us for a game for a child, we give it to them.

Our second priority is schools on American Indian reservations because these are the schools that helped us to develop the games, tested them, had teachers who gave us advice, had students who gave us suggestions for better game play.

Our third priority is Title I schools, which , if you don’t know, are schools that have a high proportion of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, that is high-poverty schools.

How do they find out about us? Many of them get our weekly newsletter (email to sign up), read about us on our blog or hear about us from friends or fellow teachers.

If you’d like a donation of games that teach math and Native American history and you fit in one of those three priorities, email A question we get all of the time – what if we are an after-school program in a low-income community, would we still qualify? The answer is, “Yes”.

Another question we get all of the time is whether you can specify a school to which you’d like to donate the game. The answer is, “Yes.” If you tell us who you want to receive a game, we will send the license to that person or school. Otherwise, it goes in the order of priority above.

Yet another question we get is, “What if our school has the budget, can we just buy the games?” The answer is, “Yes.” The cost is $100 per classroom or $500 for your entire school.

If you’d like to donate a game, please go to

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