How does 7 Generation Games differ from other companies?

If this is your first visit to our website, thank you for taking the time to read our blog and let us introduce ourselves. We are a company that combines math, Native American history and adventure gaming into our video games. The video clip below demonstrates the (awesome) video games that we create.

I’m sure you have probably come into contact with hundreds of companies that would like you to believe that what they’re doing is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Obviously, we think we’re awesome as well, but here’s a quick look at who we are, what we do and a few possible storylines as to what sets our company apart.

Interesting stories about our company:

  1. We started on a reservation: We feel pretty confident saying we’re the only educational technology company to be founded on a reservation. 7 Generation Games began when Dr. Erich Longie (a former college president and school board chair on the Spirit Lake Nation) posed a not-so-simple challenge to our CEO: Students on his reservation were consistently underperforming in math. Fix it. 7 Generation Games – which integrates math and Native American history (history, culture and language elements) in a 3D virtual environment — was our solution. We are often asked if our games our only for American Indians. Our reply? “Only as much as Super Mario Bros. was only for Italian plumbers.” After all, Native American history is an integral part of U.S. history.
  2. Cross-curricular learning: The historical component of our game often draws comparisons to Oregon Trail. We love the comparison, as Oregon Trail was hugely successful. However, what most players took away from those computer lab hours was that it sucks when your digital family dies of dysentery. We wanted to build on that experience with math. We started 7 Generation Games to develop a better math video game. Our games include a historically and culturally accurate social studies storyline because we felt that gave us added educational value — most math games have arbitrary story lines (i.e. clothed animals, cartoon spaceships). When faced with the choice between a math game kids want to play featuring an accurate social studies related storyline or math game featuring talking animals or alien spaceships, the game that provides a cross-curricular learning layer seems the obvious choice.
  3. Our founder/CEO: Dr. AnnMaria De Mars dropped out of high school at 15, earned an MBA by 21, has founded three successful companies, received millions of dollars in grant funding, raised three small children as a widow and was also a world judo champion. She also does half of the coding for our games and has taught math at every level from middle school to PhD level. Perhaps most importantly, she is a great interview and will neither give you boring stock quotes nor drone on about the most mundane technical details that no one without a computer science degree is going to find the least bit interesting and/or understand– unless, that’s the kind of interview you really want, in which case, she can do that too (we’re a versatile bunch at 7 Generation Games).

Here’s a brief overview of our company:

  • Create games combining middle school math, Native American history/culture and adventure gaming
  • Developed two games, two more in development (including iPad game)
  • Received $571,000+ in funding ($550,000 in grant fundings, $21,000 successful Kickstarter)
  • 1,200 beta users (classroom and individual users combined) in 33 states, 7 countries
  • Beta results showed scores of students who played our game increased 300 percent over control
  • Games track data to provide teachers easy-to-read student assessment/progress reports
  • Available for individual purchase or school/classroom subscription

We would certainly love for you to check us out and appreciate any of your feedback on our game. Below is just one of the many clips in our game that shows you what type of games that we create.

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