I Like Fishing, I’m Just Not Any Good At It 1

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout. In fact, I was a Girl Scout from when I was 5 to when I was 18. And I am so grateful for that experience because one of the things it taught me was camping. Not the glorious RV type of camping – we didn’t even shower! (When you’re a kid, that doesn’t bother you as much.)

One of my favorite outdoor activities growing up was fishing – but I sucked at it, and didn’t know What Bait To Use for Freshwater Fishing. In fact, I was so horrible, an adult would always ask me if I needed extra help. I always said I wanted to try on my own and I did. I don’t remember ever catching a fish.

Fast forward 15 years, and I went to Iowa to visit my friend’s family. There’s a lake by their house (it’s Iowa), and we went fishing. And that joy came back – it was like being little Irma again, ready and excited to fish.

To my surprise, there were different ways to fish. I was only aware of the fishing pole, string and the hook because that’s all I was taught. But my friend gave me what looked like a basket with a stick, a net to catch fish…so you can catch more than one. WHO would have known? Obviously, Not me… But, there are many ways to fish!

And I learned that there are even MORE ways to fish when I played our game Making Camp. We have a video activity in the game that teaches about how the Ojibwe caught fish in various ways. Sometimes, they used a dip net; othertimes, they used spears. At night, the would using torches to draw the fish up to the surface.

If you want to learn more, you should check out Making Camp and practice your knowledge! Watch videos and answer questions for points. With these points, buy items to decorate your very own wigwam! People of all kind love it- even me!

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