I Still Cannot Fish, But I Can Divide

Last week, I shared with you my joy and excitement of fishing. To update you, I became a better fisherwoman! So the nets are definitely my forte and not the fishing pole. And who knows! My next trip in Iowa (which happens to be the setting of our upcoming game AzTech: The Story Begins), I’ll challenge myself and really try the fishing pole!

I recently just went fishing and caught 4 fish in a net! Actually this happened 3 times! That’s right, Irma caught 12 FISH! I am pretty impressed as well!

Okay, well maybe I forgot to mention this was through Making Camp. You can go fishing in Making Camp??!?!?! You sure can! And not just any kind of fishing, but net fishing!

It’s one of the activities! 

All you have to do is download the APP for FREE! A special price just for you !

Watch the movie which tells you about how the Ojibwe fished (skills that I did not acquire).

Next, solve the math problem (by fishing). You will get you a word problem that you solve the dragging the right number of fish fish to each basket. In my case, I dragged 4 fish into each basket. In total, I caught 12 fish, the MOST I’ve ever caught!

From answering the math problem, you earn a point. From these points, you can use them to buy items to decorate your wigwam so you can deck it out like this: 


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