If you’ve ever wanted to prove everyone wrong …

Teen boy and girl for next game… our next game is for you.

Sam and Angie are two regular people, so regular that when they decide to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and walk half-way across the continent, almost everyone thinks they will fail, probably in a spectacularly tragic fashion.

Who do they think they are? Their mother thinks they’ll fall down the first mountain and break both legs.

Their father doesn’t believe they have the faintest idea how to survive without a Starbuck’s every five miles.

Everyone thinks they are crazy, well, everyone except their Uncle Don who lives at the edge of the woods, and their Auntie Jean who lives IN the woods. Those two really are crazy.

If you can convince your parents that you have some idea how far you need to go each day, on the average, they might move out of your way and let you take the canoe down the river to see Uncle Don.

Every game we do, we try to not just top but slam dunk the one before. We’ll have a Kickstarter campaign coming up for that down the road.

So …. this is what I’m working on this week when I’m not in meetings, swearing about the cold weather or at the North Dakota Music Awards.


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