I’m Learning a Gang More S#$% in Start-up Chile: Part 2

I’m going to presume you read I’m learning a Gang of S$#@ in Chile, Part 1 so I won’t repeat the story.

As I have said multiple times now, one of the best things about Start-up Chile is the other companies. It’s not that the staff aren’t good – but I have spent a lot more time with the other companies since the program did not “officially” start until Thursday – which is kind of crazy considering how much I have learned and done already!

For example, Astrid Castaneda is the CEO of Mi Manual de Bebe – she says,


“Did you ever think your baby should have come with an instruction manual? Well, now it does.”


Astrid has 4 MILLION VISITORS to her site every year and has over 1.6 MILLION subscribers. That is a conversion rate that most so-called SEO experts would sell their grandmother for.

Don’t Sell Your Grandma

She gave me a lot of advice on how to increase traffic to our site (you can thank her for the parenting book) and her co-founder gave me a crash course on Google analytics.

Both Astrid and Bernadito of clickbox have been super-supportive of me improving my Spanish.

Bernie told me the first week,


“Quit saying your Spanish isn’t good! My goal in this program is to learn English so well that I can pitch our start-up in English. Right now my co-founder does the pitches but I am going to learn English well enough that I can give our pitch in English by the end of this program! You should set a goal to do yours in Spanish.”


Well, all righty then.


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    Astrid is a great believer in jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down. So much so that she has scheduled me to do a live broadcast with one of the largest sites in Colombia – in Spanish! (Think someone whose English is not perfect agreeing to do an online interview for Parents magazine.)

    I’m constantly around people who force me to step up my game – and that is good.

    —— And now I have to go because the plane is taking off. I’ve been in the U.S. for 3 days and now I’m heading back, but that’s another post.

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