I’m writing this post on top of a mountain

mountain trail

I now work in places that used to be my screensaver.

Years ago, I had a nice office and a good salary, working for one big company after another. Before that, I had a nice, secure job as an Associate Professor at a university.

What all those jobs had in common is I had a good computer – sort of required for me – and nice desktop wall paper and screensavers of tropical islands, mountains, trails in the woods and country roads. That’s what most people have, right? Really beautiful places that you hope to go one day or pictures that just make your work space a little more inviting.

Actual trees, not a screensaver

I’d be lying if I said I never have second thoughts about choosing to leave all of that and found one company after another. I’m not even smart enough once a company is stable and making a pretty guaranteed income to stick with that. No, I’ve got to go and start a gaming company to teach kids to do math, read better and speak English or Spanish.

City of Concepcion

When I’m worried how we’re going to make the payroll a year from now or if I have enough savings to last if I live to 90, I sometimes question if I made the right choice. Then, I realize I’m sitting in a place that used to be my screensaver.

While you’re waiting for the new game I’m working on to come out this summer, get  Aztech: Meet the Mayas on the app store to play on your iPad. 

This guy didn’t come out of that game but he sure looks like it.

mural of indigenous art

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