Level Up Webinar PowerPoints and Resources

Thanks for attending “Level Up Your Lessons by 7 Generation Games!” Below you’ll find the resources, links and presentations shared today. If you’re interested in learning more or have questions, please reach out to us at info@7generationgames.com. Each presenter’s email is given below. Watch the Level Up session recordings on YouTube here. 

Download our Level Up webinar presentations here:

The need for accessible, inclusive and applicable educational software

Annette Mennem, Director of the Native American Student Center, Minot State University



Using educational software for teaching at school, at home, two days a week or while juggling riding a unicycle

AnnMaria DeMars, President of 7 Generation Games and Professor at National Univesity



Exploring (free) teacher resources from 7 Generation Games

Christy Hanson, former middle school teacher and curriculum writer at 7 Generation Games



Make Math Fun: Getting students to actually do their math work

James Wall, Director of educational partnerships at 7 Generation Games



Parental Power Ups: Quick tips and tricks for helping parents help their learners at home

Maria Burns Ortiz, CEO and Creative Director of 7 Generation Games



Virtual-world learning in your real-world curriculum: Integrating educational games into standards based lesson plans

Presentation Links

Diana Sanchez, former early childhood educator and project manager at 7 Generation Games



Game Design as a Framework with 7 Generation Games

Maria Burns Ortiz, CEO and Creative Director of 7 Generation Games



Game Design

Tools you can use to Level Up your class

1. Match the Memory

Play a fun, free memory matching game in your web browser (on any platform, including Mac, Linux, iOs, and Android). Make a custom memory game for free using your own pictures, videos, events, and links.

2. PuzzleFast

PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker is a truly useful web application for teachers. It’s a breeze to use, and it’s free! Oftentimes, textbook publishers provide handouts that are dull or not challenging enough. Teachers are left with the options of a) making do with handouts that obviously miss the mark or b) putting a lot of effort into making ones that work.

With PuzzleFast, teachers can create custom word puzzles — as easy or difficult as desired — in just minutes, using whatever vocabulary is lesson-relevant.

3. PurposeGames

PurposeGames lets you create and play games. Students, teachers, and rockstars alike all come here to create and learn.

4. JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be played online from anywhere in the world. Building your own jeopardy template easy. Just use our simple editor to get your game up and running.