Long Time Coming: Making Camp Ojibwe Updated!

I’m sure you may have heard of our Making Camp game series, in fact I’m certain because it happens to be our most popular game series. Now Making Camp Ojibwe, the one that started it all, has gone through some updates. With Making Camp Ojibwe being one of the very early games we developed at 7 Generation Games, there have been improvements and evolving technology that we weren’t able to utilize when developing Making Camp Ojibwe that is available now. Keep reading to find out more about those updates!

There were several updates to Making Camp Ojibwe, on both the technical and visual fronts but also in all overall performance. We incorporated newer enhancements into the game that we hadn’t yet, until now! We circled back to Making Camp Ojibwe and updated it just like we’ve been doing with other games.

Technical Updates

There were several updates to the code of the game. A significant portion of the JavaScript code was rewritten in order to enhance game performance. For better compliance with ES6, the current version of JavaScript, we transitioned to arrow functions. We separated CSS from HTML in order to simplify the process of updating styles across the game, avoiding the need to edit each HTML file individually. We removed redundant code enabling making a standardized game code with the framework used for our 7 Gen Blocks. That will set a foundation for future expansions and enhancements. There were several other technical updates that I won’t bore you with, but just know that they were necessary in order to improve Making Camp Ojibwe. 

Visual and Performance Updates

On the visual side of things, we wanted Making Camp Ojibwe to look a bit more polished and stylish. So we definitely made updates to the buttons and other UI elements in the game in order to achieve a more modern look and feel. In regards to the game responsiveness, that was improved by rewriting the CSS. This ensures that the game adjusts smoothly and looks great across different devices. An example of this was in the CSS for menu pages, which was updated for consistency across various menu pages which then enhances user navigation and experience. Overall, the game’s responsiveness and interaction have been significantly improved, again, which offers a better user experience.

Before and After

Check out some of the before and after screenshots of the updates to Making Camp Ojibwe. Then head over and play the game today!

BEFORE                                                                              AFTER 

Video Buttons in the Game


Menu Pages



Login Page


Game Responsiveness


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