Mac Tip on Opening from Unidentified Developer

My last post, I ranted about Windows security features. In the interest of fair play, today I am complaining about Mac.

I understand the reasoning behind all of this. Malware is downloaded from the internet  or carried as a virus on media like a flash drive and does bad things to your computer. We want to help you stop it.

However, it is irritating when you want to open something, you know what it is and your computer blocks you.

With our games, I have found if you are using a Mac, you install the game and you double-click on the icon you get a message saying that this application is from an unidentified developer and was blocked from opening. So, how do you open it then?

Right-click  (or control-click if using a track pad) and select OPEN from the drop down menu. You’ll get the same message about an unidentified developer, but you will get two choices OPEN and CANCEL. Select OPEN and go on your merry way. Your Mac will never ask you the question again and everything will be copacetic.


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