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mailOne nice part of working at 7 Generation Games is hearing from people who play our games. Here are a few that made my day. Some are from a middle school where I had the opportunity to meet student in person and several followed up with letters (which I’ll bet their teachers gave them extra credit for writing, but that did not detract from the charm).

It’s nice to be appreciated. We receive lots of thank you’s from flowers, to chocolates, to letters like these.

"The games you showed us were awesome! It inspired me very much. I wanted to do the same thing you do except that math isn't really my thing. Hope you come again to show us more video games."

“You have the best game in the world, adding history to math, that is so cool learning two things at once. I like how your games look, they look so real. “

Sometimes, I get free career advice…

“I think that you are making great math games. I think you should become a math teacher.”

Here is my personal favorite

“You are an incredible old lady with an awesome job. I liked the game. The videos are funny.”

We frequently get offers from students to be beta testers, and we do take them up on those offers

“I liked The Forgotten Trail. I would like to be a bata (sic) tester on a game you make.” "I really liked your game (Forgotten Trail) a lot. I hope to play the real game when it comes out."

Then there are the letters that make you go hmm…. like these

I like Fish Lake, the way you worked the math in it. I forgot to ask you how much money you make. Maybe next time I see you I can ask you.

and there was this advice from a sixth-grader in North Dakota which was actually delivered in person

“I like Fish lake and I played it a lot. There is just one problem. Too many damn snakes. Please make the game with fewer snakes so I keep dying. Also, after you kill the deer and buffalo, you should be able to skin them and cook them.”

So, there you have it. I am an incredible old lady who should be teaching math, making really cool games that have too many snakes.

Fish Lake + Spirit Lake Pack

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