Making Better Games: Part 1,679

It’s almost midnight and I put the last two changes into Fish Lake so Dennis can do a new build and Devon can test it in the morning.

The page for learning more about fractions on a number line looked like this:

old page with just links


Now it looks like this:


Our old videos looked like this:oldvid

Now they are all starting to look like this (and that isn’t even one of the best ones).

newvidI‘m pretty excited about the progress we’ve made.I’ve been wanting to loop back to these games for a long time and start implementing the recommendations we have received from our beta testers.

We have about 1/3 of the changes I want to see on Fish Lake completed. We’ll be installing the games in two schools this week to test the new look and added educational resources.

Why not wait to install? Two reasons.

First, the schools wanted to start with the games now.

Second, by continually testing, they can let us know if there are any bugs or suggestions for the new resources and those improvements or fixes can go into the second update out in a few weeks.

Speaking of games – you can buy all three of our games now, and get free updates for life.


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