May Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are on! The weather in your area has likely improved by now and the outdoors are in full bloom. Here are some educational indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts for your students that offer free printables.

Elementary School

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Includes a printable for your hunters. Can aquarium, zoo, aviary, natural history museum, science museum, botanical garden, and more.

Hunt for Place Value – Have your kids develop number sense by hunting for and cutting out numbers that fit place value from a magazine, and gluing them to match the place value clues.

Muffin Tin Scavenger Hunt – This comes with a printable of cutouts for matching plants to the picture, with the muffin tin as a collection tray.

Middle School

Math Bingo – This customizable bingo worksheet can be randomized with your own clues. Students can work alone or as partners.

Skunk Hunt – From our own Growing Math lesson library comes this grade 6 math lesson paired with a skunk hunt!

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